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On page SEO

On the page, SEO is a method of optimizing every web page to rank them in higher positions of the search engines and thereby earn even more and relevant traffic.

On the page, SEO can denote either the content of a page or its HTML source code which can be optimized and this is essentially different from off-page SEO, which indicates the links and various other external signals.

With the advancement of technology, the on-page SEO tool has changed its model duly so, therefore, you need to learn the nooks and corners of this practice to be relevant in the web market.

Pro tips to stay relevant!

To remain relevant and showcase content on the higher rank of the search engine, it needs to remain relevant. For that purpose, you need to follow certain thumb rules, which are as follow:

How to make a positive impact

You can employ several ideas that will help to create a positive effect in the world of SEO. Here are a few to start with:

1. Structured data:

According to a statistical survey, people spend roughly about 2-3 minutes on a page before going to the next and these 3 minutes decide your fate that’s why you need to create a good and proper impression to retain the viewer and attract more viewers to your page. Only this can enhance your relevance and attain more traffic and that’s why structured data is important. If you provide all the information yet place them haphazardly, none will have the intention to dig that info out so, therefore, organize your article.

  • Make separate paragraphs and bullets so that your points become precise and relevant.


  • Ensure not to digress while discussing a single theme.


  • You can add other relevant information but use different segments for it and he will help you to focus on a single aspect and also help the viewers to grasp things easily.


2. The freshness of page:

You can attain the freshness of your page by simply putting a date on the page and that will help Google to determine how recent your page is. Clients tend to find newer articles more relevant so review your earlier blogs, add recent improvements or information about the things you wrote, and put recent dates.
However, make sure not to change the date to gain traffic and You intend to help the audience and not misguide them so that You can rewrite an article with more elaboration or from a different perspective along with revised keywords to help your audience.
Maintain this little decency, and your viewers will be pleased to check out your page by themselves.

3. Internal Links:

Internal links help your viewers to find all other articles on your site but there should be a balance in adding links so Don’t crowd your page with loaded links to confuse and irritate your viewers and Add the relevant links only. If they find your articles to be helpful, they will find more content by themselves. Persuading is a subtle art, not a deliberate one!

4. Modify title tags:

A little change goes a long way which is truly the case once we talk about the title tag and this should be catchy and trendy so You can include an offer price to lure people into checking out your link. “Best cheap mobiles under Rs. 10,000” allures more than “Best mobiles”.

5. Multimedia:

Including multimedia in your content is always a good practice because it helps the users to obtain more insight about the product or service. Further, it will also enable you to include more keywords, thereby enhancing the relevance of your page. This will lead your page to climb the hierarchical ladder in the search engine.

6. Interact:

This is important if you want to attain more traffic to your page Concluding an article in a polite yet commanding call to action tone, Including surveys from time to time, and ask for feedback. Occasional coupons, gift vouchers, or gift items to drive people to check your page from time to time.
These are a few strategies among many. Let your creativity flow. And witness the growing popularity of your page.