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Local SEO

All of the companies, whether small or big multi-national ones, can expand their business and can entice more consumers by employing a local SEO strategy. In this article, we seek to provide a comprehensive overview of several local SEO or local search engine optimization strategies. This will help you to understand the effective ways of marketing local business in the online portal.

Local SEO helps the business to flourish by promoting their product and service to prospective local consumers. This is attained through various methods which we will discuss one by one in this article. Other relevant things are 1. Search results, Directories, Local listing, Business directories, Business owner, Business information, Business name. 2. Local listings, Local directories, Google places, Local business listings, Online business. 3. Online directories, Business online, Directory listings, Online presence, Small businesses, Yellow-pages, Free listing. 4. Citysearch, Search marketing, online reputation, Online business directories, Optimizing, Link building. 5. List your business, Small business owner, Adwords, Find local businesses, Free business, Listing management. 6. Search optimization, Superpages, Business data, Business address, Paid search, Pay-per-click, Branding, Accurate listing.

Local Search

There is a basic difference between a standard information search and a local search. According to the statistical survey, it is noted that though higher-ranked SEO may exhibit queries like “how to fix an electric board”, nevertheless “best electricians near me” or “electrician in [a certain location] reflect a purchasing intention from the searcher’s side. Pure psychology isn’t it!

For these kinds of queries, which essentially include a certain location or the phrase “near me”, search engines tend to understand that the viewer intends to find relevant business results or lists available in that particular location. Therefore the local search engine precisely offers this sort of result web pages.

Local SERP

Local SERP stands for local search engine result pages. To improve the rate of traffic to one’s website, local businesses need to focus on the visibility of their site or what is technically referred to as “local pack” or “3-pack”. This is a block consisting of three business listings that appear beneath the map in the result page displayed after a certain Google search with any local intent.

Most often, Google extracts information like opening hours, review rating, pictures from your website, yet mostly they appear from your profile in Google My Business. This is a crucial part of the Local SEO, which we will discuss at this moment.

Google My Business

Earlier this one was termed as Google Local. This is mainly your business profile on Google. Once you fill up all the essential criteria like address, business type, and description, contact number, review, etc. In this profile, Google My Business delivers this information to various other cross fields in 1. Google such as Google Maps 2. Google Knowledge Graph 3. Google Local Park, Searches, Bing, Linkedin, Marketer, etc.

Note that the fields like Google My Business attributes, Google Reviews are mostly filled by the customers who had prior experience of obtaining your service. Therefore keep your service high to get a higher review rating and recommendations. Other necessary things are 1. Business Directory, Local business directory, Local directory, Free business listing, Advertise 2. Listing business, New business, Dashboard, Tactics, Address phone, Local pages, Unique visitors. 3. Review sites, Top directory, Business location, Directory of local, Data aggregators. 4. Check local listings, Targeted traffic, Free marketing, Listing in Google, Business details. 5. Local business listing, Foursquare, Mapquest, Niche, Yelp, Spam, Submitting, Merchant, Ecommerce, Company listing.


Citation is the place where the information regarding NAPW of your business viz., Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL appear online; mostly in a certain online directory and business listing sites.

There can be two types of citations: structured and unstructured. Structured citations tend to occur in business listing.

Unstructured citations are mostly the results occupied by the press and social media where the information of your NAPW field is visible.

Obtaining citations for local business is extremely vital. If you don’t appear at the right place when a similar kind of service like yours is searched for, your competitors will outrun you. That is why citation is extensively known as ‘table stakes’ at local SEO. Therefore citations must be relevant, constantly regulated, modified, and updated to attend the higher position in SEO.

How to rank well in local SEO

Now that you have learned the ins and outs of local SEO, here are some additional tips to rank higher position in local search. Bear the following three thumb rules in mind:

  • Proximity: What is the approximate distance of your business site from the searcher’s location?
  • Relevance: How far the relevance is maintained between the query of the searcher and your service?
  • Prominence: What do the earlier consumers have to say about their experience of your service?
Main SEO services

Local SEO is not a fixed model. It is constantly evolving, and therefore, it can consume much time and effort to get things right. Most of the local SEO agencies focus on the following services to provide you with the optimum result.

Benefits of Local SEO service to attract new customers:

Promote your business by effectively utilizing local SEO and progress towards a greater future! All the best!